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The Latest from the AngelsWin.com Blog - Eddie Guardado Talks Little League Baseball with AngelsWin.com


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By David Saltzer, AngelsWin.com Senior Writer -- 
It takes a lot to make a successful Little League baseball season. It starts with the dedication from the people who organize the league, includes all the hard work from the coaches who run the teams, and ends with all the hours donated by the parents who make it all happen (especially the team moms!). It's a labor of love, not only for the game, but for our children. In the end, whether your child makes it into the Major Leagues or not, it's worth it because Little League teaches so many valuable life lessons.

In addition to all the above, a Little League division could not survive without financial donors. There are always costs that need to be covered and improvements that need to be made.
One of my league’s supporters is former Major Leaguer Eddie Guardado. A 17-year veteran, he made his living off of the skills he started in Little League. On the Opening Day of the season, I spoke with him about the importance of Little League baseball and some of the changes in the league since I played so many years ago. Listening to Eddie, I heard a story that both inspired and thrilled me about the connection he made with his coach so many years ago.
After interviewing Eddie, he turned the tables on me and asked me about my son and how he did on Opening Day. I showed him the video I got of my son getting his first-ever hit, a double, and RBI. And, as only two fathers could do, we reveled in the moment.
Over the course of this season, I will be spending my time cleaning up the fields, working the snack shack, fundraising and helping with all the practices. Knowing that a former Major Leaguer such as Eddie Guardado is not only doing all of the same, but also out there teaching the kids and financially supporting the league makes my time that much easier.
Click below to watch our interview with Eddie Guardado.

Eddie Guardado Talks with AngelsWin.com on Opening Day of Little League 2013 from AngelsWin.com on Vimeo.

To help support the Eddie Guardado Foundation, please click here: ww.eddieguardadofoundation.org
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