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Hospital charges $40 for mom to hold her newborn baby

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$39.35 to be exact. Itemized as "Skin to skin" contact.

The hospital claims it had to have an extra nurse in the room to make sure mom and baby were "safe".



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I just got done fighting with Kaiser over charges for my unborn baby's well baby visits.  My plan says all well baby visits are 100% covered but we got a bill for $65 for the ultrasound they performed.  They said that an ultra sound is not part of a well baby visit.  How do you check on the size and form of an unborn baby without doing an ultrasound?   I fought it as far up the ladder as I could but they are still making me pay the bill.  Its dumb because I could go to a 3D ultrasound place and pay $45 for it and get a ton of pictures but instead we go to Kaiser where they say the ultrasounds are required and don't even give you a picture...


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$39.35 for skin to skin whatever.  Which was explained horribly by the hospital.

The one I'd be more pissed about is the -$5566.82 Contractual allowance adjustment.  Which I think means, if this was an out of policy hospital or you didn't have insurance, they'd sur charge you that much. 

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5 hours ago, yk9001 said:

My daughter is 22.  We had Healthnet HMO at the time.  My wife had all kinds of heart problems, and delivered C-section.  Not an extended stay.

Mom and daughter left the hospital, and the bill was like $1.99 - for the television.

But now those of us who pay for insurance have to cover the next four patients who walk through the door and have no insurance (but the latest iPhone).

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