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How did Alex Meyer look yesterday?


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Meyer looked awesome. Gubi kept saying Charles Nagy worked a ton with Meyer this past week on his mechanics and it showed. Not sure if he just had a dead arm last Tuesday but he sat 92-95 that night, compared to 94-98 yesterday. Tons of movement on that fastball too. He looked way more comfortable throwing the slider too. Had an impressive stretch early where he struck out Donaldson, Edwin, Bautista and Martin in succession, all ending on sliders. I'm a believer in him as a shutdown reliever rather than a back end starter but he looked great yesterday. 

He does need to improve his change up, that's for sure. Pitch has no meaningful movement and looks way too firm at times. If that becomes a weapon, I can potentially seeing him work out as a starter. It's easy to see why Eppler wanted Meyer, however. Power fastball/slider combo, big size, generates weak contact and grounders. He's a big x-factor for the Angels going forward. 

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fastball and change have really good arm side movement.  Especially the change up.  He just throws it too hard.  In fact, it's more like a cut fastball the moves toward rhers without much drop.  Could be something to develop that would start off the plate and cut in under the hands on lefties.  His slurve is nasty.  According to Brooks baseball, his release point for all three pitches was nearly identical.  Swing and miss top of the rotation stuff.  

The one thing I've noticed about Nagy so far is that he seems to being having his greatest effect in terms of sequencing.  Guys are throwing their fastball less often.  Maybe that's a consequence of having guy who don't really have a good fastball, but the way Shoe and Nolasco have attacked hitters has changed.  Maybe it's the advanced metrics team picking up some info as well.  

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Read where Meyer and Nagy looked at tapes of Meyer's pitching at Univ. of Kentucky and saw that his arm slot was higher - so he worked on that and was much more comfortable.

Agree with Troll Daddy....DAMN !!! He could be a gem.  Richards, Shoe, Skaggs, Meyer and Nolasco could be a solid 1-5 in 2017.

Also Gubi talked a lot of seeing Meyer go to an abbreviated windup to control his mechanics...pitched better out of the stretch than full wind up.

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