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The Officially Official 2016 Defending Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos Thread


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2016 depends on the QB play and whether or not there's a championship hangover on the defensive side of the ball.  They lost Jackson and Treviathan from last year which hurts but I think they still have the talent to be fine on defense assume Talib can refrain from Plaxico Burressing himself.  I'm still in shock they won it last year because I said the only way it happens is if the defense played out of their minds which I no way in hell expected to happen.  I really can't complain about anything that happens this year or the next few after they won it all last year.  Hopefully Lynch or the other kid develop into the long term answer at QB.


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The defense is going to be outstanding again this year.  But not 2015 outstanding.  

Defense and special teams will put this team on their backs and the offense just needs to be good enough to not lose the games for them.  

I think they'll end up losing in the playoffs before the AFC Championship game. 


(Hope I'm wrong)



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I'm in shock that they're 3-0.  I thought going into Cincy they would lose something like 20-13 but instead the defense did it's part and Siemian threw 4 TD's which isn't something a Broncos QB did in 2015.  Each game Siemian has gotten better and while I don't think yesterdays game means he's going to be a stud it's good to see that he was more than just a game manager.  It was also great seeing Shane Ray with 3 sacks helping to pick up the slack while Ware is out.  

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The long TD's to Thomas and Sanders both came from the same call against the same defense that left the receiver one-on-one on the left side with no deep safety help. Sanders flat out beat Jones and scored easily. The guy on Thomas had good coverage but the throw was just a perfect rainbow and Thomas was able to use his body to get enough shield to make the catch.

A lot of his shorter, quicker throws were off target but those two and the other TD to Sanders were beautifully thrown. He's a work in progress but barring injury we won't see Lynch this season.

The run D misses Jackson and Walker.

Sambralio isn't ready to start at tackle in the NFL.

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