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The Official 2016-2017 Anaheim Ducks Thread

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i thought yesterdays game was one of those measuring stick type.  Minnesota is a good team and I thought that for much of the game, we did not match up.  We just looked bad, on our heels most of the time.  It wasn't good, so pretty disappointing.  So on the one hand, we have played a very good San Jose team well.  But on the other, with good teams that we aren't familiar with we have often played poorly.  We don't lack talent, but I really don't have a lot of faith in Carlyle and his system.  I also think we are over loaded on puck moving D men.  The D needs to be balanced out via trade - we need guys that can hold down the fort and make good first passes in transition.  Players that cant be overwhelmed physically.  Lindholm might be that kind of player and more in the future.  Right now however, as good a player as he is, he gets muscled off the puck far to often for a guy being depended on to be a top flight d man.  It would also be good to get another solid forward.  Its gonna be tough to make trades this year, so we'll see what happens. 

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If they bring back the puffy duck mask patch take my monies.  Those were legit AF.  The new flat patch is cheap looking and exactly the same as what you get on the replica.  Essentially, with the authentic you're paying for a stitched on arm patch and a fight strap.  Sort of a rip off.  I guess it's all rip off tho when you're talking about a 300 dollar jersey.  Lol.

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10 hours ago, UndertheHalo said:


That makes more sense.  Was wondering what was up last night when I got the alert.  Thought it was a mistake. 

Also, it really opens up trade opportunities for the Ducks.  you know teams are looking for goalies at the deadline, and Bernier may get us a lot more than a 7th round pick. 

A lot of strateregy is going to be going on in the coming month.  Especially teams with two #1 goalies like Pittsburgh.  On one hand you say trade one of them now, so that you can get something for them instead of having Vegas snatch one.  On the other hand, if Vegas snatches one of the goalies, means the rest of the team stays intact. 

If teams start trading their surplus goalies, I really like the chances of Bernier getting snatched by Vegas, so I would hold on to them.  But if teams are hesitant to trade their excess goalies, I can see the Ducks trading Bernier. 

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