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The Official 2016-2017 Anaheim Ducks Thread

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Gotta give credit to RC, pulling Gibson with 3+ left, showed the team they are not giving up

Bobby Ryan trade paying off for Anaheim Ducks    

Gordon Bombay. Rehired twice lol.

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4 hours ago, UndertheHalo said:

The difference is depth.  

Also, I don't think either team needs much juice.  We're two wins away from a chance to play for Lord Stanley !

With Johansen gone they need Kesler to focus on Subban since the Predators will be relying more on Subban's playmaking ability.

If they keep forcing Subban play in the defensive zone good things will keep happening lol, even though it was bad luck for Subban last night he is not good at defensive zone positioning but he's so dangerous in the offensive & neutral zone.

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Yea and now they're making him address the media after the game.  Apparently some people thought he should be suspended.  How fucking ridiculous.  Do these people have no fucking clue what's said between the lines ?  Way worse then "cock sucker" that's for damn sure.  Even in high school.  This was completely a non issue before the NHL made it one this morning.  Great PR work. 

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I must say that expecting this same BS play heading into the series has made this easy to watch. The Ducks cannot and will not ever beat the Preds in the playoffs. The Preds are now a shell of their full-strength selves and the Ducks were completely overmatched. They couldn't even complete a pass the entire 3rd period.

Oh well, the Preds are going to get obliterated in the finals. I would be very surprised if they even win 1 game with all their injuries. That's saying a lot about the Ducklings.

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