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Scioscia post game rant!

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..."these Seattle guys, they really piss me off!  We played hard, smoked some balls, gave it everything we had.  So we finish the game, everyone's tired, I finished turning the page and tipping my cap, then Seattle IS LATE WITH THE POST GAME SPREAD!!!!  There is just no excuse for this!  We're gonna get even with these guys when they come to Anaheim, see how they like eating late! 


That's it, no more questions, I'm just too upset to answer silly questions about our losing record and slumping multi-millionaires.  Anyone know of a Jack in the Box around here?"

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If I was the manager these guys would be afraid to even move right now. No way I would put up with this crap.

What exactly do you have in mind, you want to take them out back and shoot them one by one?  Not caring = ineffective results, negative reinforcement = ineffective results, physical violence = very ineffective results, acting like an as***ole = very ineffective results. ----- Acting professionally and positive encouragement = has a chance of working.

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That approach worked exceptionally well for Bobby Valentine.

Terry Collins as well.  I gotta laugh at some people who think they are going to scare an MLB player into performing.  Nothing like yelling and calling someone names to get a positive response, LOL.

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