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A good place to day drink


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you can always say f*ck it and come out with us dude


we can dust off the headbands you brought last year



Nah, can't do it this year.  With the sequester coming up I'm gonna get a 20% cut in hours for about 22 weeks.  That's putting a bit of a damper on my entertainment spending. 

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Nah, can't do it this year.  With the sequester coming up I'm gonna get a 20% cut in hours for about 22 weeks.  That's putting a bit of a damper on my entertainment spending. 


You mean my buddy's not going to be there because of the sequester?!?!


F**kin' Obama!  Yet another reason to hate him.

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Did a night trip one time without my knowledge. I was with a buddy and a mutual friend calls him and says, "I'm picking you up right now, don't ask."


About the time we are around Lake Elsinore we finally get what's going on and he finally spills the beans. He just got out of the service and I guess this was a regular thing for him and he ended up knowing all the people down there and the spots. The dude is driving about 120 trying to make it in about an hour or so.


The first place he takes us is some loud club and I remember walking in and thinking, "Oh, it's like a real life rap video." I just remember dudes hanging from railings swinging towels around their head or standing on everything and everyone was dancing like those little Dominican kids (http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xdgv1h_children-perreando_latino#.US-y-KUTsy4). Just kind of a big wtf? We go to sit down and out of the blue some dude blowing a whistle throws my head back and pours the worst liquor down my throat, I guess the mutual friend knew him and he told him to hit us. While sounding unique, we see the dude making rounds doing it to everyone without wiping off the nozzle or changing it. Pretty disgusting.


I think we hit a few different places and my buddy was pissed because I kept checking my cell (texting wasn't in yet) and he kept saying we would get robbed.


Finally we are in a cab and the mutual friend tells the cabbie to take us somewhere of his choice because he is out of ideas. The dude takes us to what I assume is a strip club, but with no nudity and it looks more like a poor mans Victoria Secret runway. I was pretty drunk by this time and mainly just remember wondering if these were the infamous Tijuana hookers that people talk about.


We leave and get street tacos, drive home where I pass out and like clock work as soon as the mutual friend pulls up to my buddies place I open the door and throw up cheap plastic bottle booze and who knows what was in those tacos.


I'm getting a headache just writing this.

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That's how my first trip went-down to... sort of.

We "kidnapped" a buddy of ours, and the four of us dudes rolled-down.  It was LONG before cellphones, and he wasn't answering his phone.  Luckily, we were able to gain entry to his place and wake him up.  I still have the B&W photo they took of the four of us in one of the bars; I think we were all 17 or 18 at the time.

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Well, she dislikes our guys only trip.


Actually, I think she dislikes our trip the next weekend when we took them because of the whole running deep in the poker tournament with a dead cell phone and going to the Tiki Lounge expecting to meet you all there. I kind of still make light and fun of the situation.


But yes, she's out.


Things are more tame and there ends up being no Derek saying, "She doesn't love you"

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