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I'm sure a 79 through 83 year old POTUS would need a lot of those, too.

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56 minutes ago, Jason said:

I like this advice better

For the average person yes. I would say for the last three years Trump should pay as much as possible since he has contributed just as much waste when it comes to spending as his predecessors. Those that actually have some influence and control of what is done with our taxes shouldn’t get any breaks. You want it, you help pay for it to the max.

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4 minutes ago, fan_since79 said:

Speaking of tax returns, I wonder if Hunter Biden put that $3.5 million he got from the wife of the ex-mayor of Moscow down on his 1040 form.



Don’t worry because the media will not let up until they get to the truth. 

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1 minute ago, calscuf said:

You had no idea a forum filled with fat, white, nerds didn’t have a lot of CPA’s? 

Would you also be surprised to find out Dodgerswin.com has a lot of window tinters?

Maybe I should have said Jews

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18 hours ago, Dtwncbad said:

The year he supposedly owed $750 in Federal tax is a year he was President.

Since he isn’t taking a salary as President, and everyone wanted him to separate himself from running all the Trump businesses (which he did), wouldn’t we expect him to owe nothing on his personal taxes on what is likely zero personal taxable income for the year?

I hope that was sarcasm otherwise Darwin needs to bring out his sketch book again and discover you. 

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