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Awesome game last night, but . . .

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Living in Michigan with a big family and no luxury to pay the price to see the Angels regularly, it was great to watch the game last night. With the Tigers in town, I get to see the games on Fox Sports Detroit. Hanson kept me biting my nails most of the night. Here's what I saw from not seeing them much before.

1. Lucho is awesome--great fielding, strong arm, and a ton of confidence at the plate. 

2. Bourjous looked less frightened at the plate. Trout looks like he's starting to swing the bat better, and Trumbo looks like a hitter again--taking some pitches and not trying to crush everything.

3. Hamilton had a few nice wacks and some stupid swings. 

4. Pujols has that look in his eye.

5. At another ball field, Trout, Hamilton, and Bourjous would have had home runs.



1. Why is Mark Lowe on this team, and why in the world is Scioscia or Butcher or both bringing him in in that situation last night? My first thought was "Is he trying to lose this game?" Big Kudos to Burnett who was the pitcher of the game last night. At least they yanked Lowe when they did, but what a disaster.

2. I'm also not at all impressed with De La Rosa. Way to lose the shutout.

3. I don't understand what has happened to the running game. It used to be that whoever got on, there was pressure put on the pitcher, and the Angels were pressing. I didn't mind at all seeing Bourjous thrown out at 3rd--it took an absolutely perfect throw by Jackson--kudos to Jackson for making that play. Otherwise, they're in bigtime business. I'd rather keep up that pressure. But Bourjous, Trout, Kendrick, Trumbo--none put any pressure on at all in a run game whereas in past years, all likely would have attempted a steal or made it look like they would. Teams used to never want the Angels on the basepaths because there was always the threat of running, hit and run, first to third, etc. The team looks content and lethargic rather than pressuring the other team. 

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I agree with you, particularly about the stolen bases.  As a team we have three so far this year.  That ties us for last in the league, alongside the Yankees.  We've also been caught stealing four times.  Wow.


What the hell happened?  This can't be just because Trout got festively plump.

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