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LA Times: Everything goes right for a night in win over Tigers

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Pitching and defense, problem areas during Angels' 4-10 start, sparkle in 8-1 victory, and offense comes alive late, sparked by Peter Bourjos' three-run triple.

It was a high-wire act for Angels starter Tommy Hanson and two relievers Friday night, but the defense provided a nice safety net, and the offense provided a rare cushion in an 8-1 victory over the Detroit Tigers at Angel Stadium.B5FDMy621xA

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Hamilton needs to come around, ENOUGH ALREADY...Take a friggan walk. What kills me, is this guy really has the absolute gifts of any player, and he keeps swinging (now later in the count which doesn't really matter) at crap NO ONE could hit. UGH, the talent, the waste...COME ON!!

You know what, just for fun Josh. Go up to the f'ing plate and take 3 strikes...We'll celebrate that. I will howl to the moons to watch you never swing, MAKE THEM PITCH.  Little League buddy...you got this.



And GREAT Win tonight, I'll take it.

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I'm not done. Puljos looks good, Trout looks good. Hamilton has the worst K in BB, That is completely unacceptable.

The pitching blows, don't get me wrong. BUT

You know what I was taught as I free-swinging DB? I was not allowed to swing. PERIOD. One Game, two games, 3 games I'm not kidding. By the second game, yeah they'll be on to it...but guess what...it's all about swagger up there, and pitchers are still afraid to throw him strikes.

I challenge any pitcher to KNOW he won't swing and throw some meatball. 

This ditch is mental...you might be surprised how many pitchers miss,


Effing stop swinging. Let's stay out of the gutter.

And I'll be ranting about the pitching soon....but it's on Hamilton to stop pressing and at least fire this Sh*t UP, I can't count the WALKS that have been handed to him, and he won't take. JFC, you can tell he knows it when he swings at sh*t.


STOP swinging, I'm completely serious

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I cover the Reds triple A team here in Louisville, and the guy who sits next to me in the press box works for the Reds. He worked for the Rangers the previous two years, and we have talked about the Angels. He says the Pujols contract will kill us, especially when it's time to lock up Trout, and Hamilton is/was a head case. He said his at bats were terrible. He said this the second or third game into the season.

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