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Angels Playoff Roster

Second Base

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Partly because I want to drive the pessimistic crazy, and partly because I'm genuinely interested. How would you shape our playoff roster?

If we assume the starting nine include Cron at 1B and Murphy in LF, my only requests would be speed off the bench and a third catcher. So Victorino, Cowgill, Iannetta, Bandy and Cowart off the bench.

If we go with a three-man rotation, I'd prefer to order it Richards, Heaney and Shoe. If a 4th starter is needed, Weav.

The bullpen I'd go with the obvious ones like Street, Smith, Gott. But I'd also slot Santiago in a middle relief role. To round it out, Morin, Alvarez and Ramos.

Most notably, I'd leave off Salas because I think he's a gas can, Joyce because he's shown nothing, DeJesus because he's redundant and Tropeano because I'd prefer the luxury of pinch hitting frequently in a close game.

My biggest concerns would be....

1. There's no infield depth. If Aybar or Cron go down, it likely results in Cowart playing 2B or Calhoun moving to 1B.

2. No real speed off the bench. Sure Victorino and Cowgill are quick, but they won't be stealing any bases really.

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Wow, I have zero desire to do this, but I am in a hotel room without much to do so let me give it a shot.

C- Iannetta, Perez

OF- Trout, Calhoun, Murphy, Victorino,

1B- Cron, Albert

2nd- Featherston, Jackson

SS- Aybar

3rd- Freese

SP- Weaver, Richards, Santiago, Heaney

Pen- Street, Smith, Gott, Salas, Ramos, Morin, Rasmus, Alvarez

That is only 24, I would proabably replace Rasmus with Shoe if Shoe is Healthy, also I would probably put Bedrosian on the roster because in the post season you need pitchers that can strike someone out. Bedrosian can do that, he's just as likely to walk the guy. The guy I really want to see make the roster would be Navarro because he can play a great defensive 1b and can run a little bit above average and puts together solid at bats.

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