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Mike Trout Rap Song


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So my buddy is a local sensation here in Seattle and I've asked him to put together a Mike Trout rap song. He currently does satirical hip hop and is quite successful, has a nice following.


My question for the board is this:


Give me some ideas to shoot over to him for the song title, an idea for both chorus and verses throughout. He's already got a TON of info from me and is thinking of incorporating the "Milville Meteor" into the song, along with smack talk against all of our division rivals.


Please step away from "Mike Trout has sucked since Aug 1st" ledge for a moment and appreciate the man who we all love as Angels fans. He's still one of the best players in baseball and HE'S ON OUR TEAM.


Your ideas and input is much appreciated. 


*Credits for entries used from members on the board that contributed for this song will be populated on the interwebz. 

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If you asked for this in July Chuck, you would have received tons of worthwhile input.

I was thinking something along the lines of Reggie, Mr October... Jeter, Mr November... And poor Mikey as Mr July.


I get that, but at the same time he's still one of the best 3 baseball players in the game right now. 


Dude deserves a song! :)

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It was all a dream, I used to play Tball at the school

Now I'm and Angel hitting in front of Ghost Pujols.


Signing autographs for fans

Every damn day I play hard and hustle off my ass


MVP's, R-O-Y, quick playoff exit

when I was dead broke man I couldn't picture this.


Nike, Bodyarmor, Subway endorsement

But still live with Mom and Pops down in the basement


Contract extension worth about 144 flat

No need to worry, my accountant handles that


It's October and my whole team is loungin

Fishing everyday no more taking poundin's


(my terrible attempt at a rap, with apologies to BIG)

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27 on the back, 27 in inches, bitch you got a nice rack now let's clear out the benches

Have you ever seen a meatier meteor in your life? When the Milville Meteor comes around, hide yo' wife!




Clever, but not for someone under the age of say 16.

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Here we go again,

poundin the zone, poundin the zone.


Takin dat first one,

poundin the zone, poundin the zone


Swingin and weavin, trackin and swishin,

poundin the zone, poundin the zone.


Third one on the corner,

sittin down dude, sittin down

poundin the zone, poundin the zone.


(Sorry, I'm the wrong ethicity for this)

Edited by tomsred
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Clap your hands everybody

And everybody clap your hands


We're Lambda Lambda Lambda and Omega Mu
We come here on stage tonight to do a show for you


We've got a rockin rhythm and a high tech sound
That'll make you move your body down to the ground


We've got Poindexter on the violin
And Louis and Gilbert will be joinin' in


We've got Booger Presley on a mean guitar
And a rap by little old me, Lamar


We've got Takashi beating on his gong
The boys and the Mu's are clapping along


And just when you thought you'd seen it all
Along comes a Lambda 4 ft tall


So won't you come on out here, on the floor,
So we can work our bodies like never before


Edited by Ray McKigney
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Should mention that there's nothing cooler than the weather. Barometers and Doppler systems are so dope he had them included on his signature nike shoe. There's got to be something useful with high pressure and low pressure and a riff on Josh Donaldson being the "bringer of rain".

Trout's use of the term "dem" instead of "those" (as in dem guys were a great help to me).

Taking the first pitch.

Stepping out of the box.

Hitting low in the zone.

Short compact swing.

Getting the rally monkey off his back.

Also, please get a reference to how stoooopid Buttercup is. We have got to shame the Angels out of using that song.

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