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Angels in Danger of Wasting Another Season of Mike Trout

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The title of a Tim Brown article that I've seen some on here mention more than once this season:





If this is a Craig please feel free to delete it as it could have been posted in one of the Trout threads since last night.  At the very least the yahoo comments section is always fun.  

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He deserves some blame, like everyone else on this team.


But the big culprit is Ghost Pujols and his sub .700 OPS since July 1.

This season, his OPS vs AL West opponents is only in the .730s, after being in the .760s in 2014.

In fact, since April 2014 against everyone he has had only 5 months out of 11 with an OPS over .758.

That defines mediocrity, at $240 million.

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His decline correlates with the Angels' "slump." He deserves 0 sympathy. 


That kind of points out the fact that the team around him stinks and that that's where the blame lies. Moment Trout slumps, the team goes into the tank



Just from looking at the roster, we can all easily see that the next GM needs to do a better job of putting talent around Trout or else we'll be in the same boat again next season.

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That said, Stoneman was traditional at the deadline. Low cost adds in "HOPES" of improving the team.


I miss Dipoto. 


Yes Chuck, but wouldn't you see the logic that no matter what Stoneman did by giving up key prospects for this year would have not likely improved the club to elite status, and could have compromised the club's position in 2016 and beyond?  Plus, why would Stoneman make decisions that would have such an enormous impact on the next GM's strategy?  The next GM has more flexibility to alter the club as he sees fit without a start in the direction that Stoneman would have taken.  Now if Dipoto were still here, yes I could see him making more substantial moves since the strategy and future would have presumably been his.  My opinion is that the club should screw around very little with the future with an interim GM (Stoneman or whomever), and leave the corrections to the next permanent GM, if there is such a thing as a permanent GM.  For all we know that may be what Arte and Carpino gave him in terms of parameters for this year.  He took a high risk shot with three guys giving up nothing of substance, it didn't help enough, end of story.

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Christ. You guys make me laugh.

Yup, lets criticize the guy hitting .290

For **** sake.

Scioscia is regularly substituting out the guy batting .290 in favor of Victorino. Edited by ScottLux
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Because he's batting .224 with 2 HR and 9 RBI's since August 1st. That's nearly a quarter of the season where he has not only not hit anywhere close to his career levels, or the levels expected of an MVP or "the best player in baseball", but he hasn't hit anywhere near the levels of an average MLB player. Oh and he's happening to put up these fantastic numbers right when the team needs him the most.


It really isn't that hard to understand.

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Sorry to go off on you "experts" but.....



You remember this?




How about this?




How fvcking dare you say that he's "part of the problem"...When did he get hurt? July 26th...right? Then he sat out for the first 2 games of the Astro series, which we lost, so he shows himself back in to the lineup....and the team has fallen apart. Swept City


HE'S FVCKING HURT! Are you guys 'tards? Seriously? Look at picture one....does the wrist supposed to go like that? 


Is it TROUT'S fault that: Pujols has been sh!t since the HR Derby? Just like Joc, Frazier, et. al? We have no 2B, no LF (except Murphy can actually play and hit for GAWD'S sake, but Mad Genius sits him vs. lefties, but plays Calhoun everyday), and zero catcher who can hit a damn. Plus Freese is farrrrrrr superior to the stooges we stuck out there at 3rd.


Trout's wrist is still effed up....and yet he plays...and yet he "deserves to be critiqued" Chuck? 


We all know that Arte effed the pooch...and to see Texas...TEXAS tied in the L column as the 'stros choke....with, what? 4 ex-Halos...all were sent packing by Anaheim...must stick in Scioscia's pasta...or maybe it doesn't. Who knows what Mike thinks.


All I know is that he's done a pretty sh!tty job of managing this season. And Butcher CONTINUES to be one of the worst pitching coaches around - even though Butch "knows he's good". Eff Butcher. Your bully is crap....and misused.


The kid has shown moxey...He has no protection behind him...because Scioscia doesn't drop Albert (hurt his feelings...boo hoo) but he plays...with one arm...and he's part of the "problem"?


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