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CISPA (SOPA 2) passes house....

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Obama has said he would defeat it, which i of course applaud, but at some point if they keep hammering this up there its going to slip by.

All its going to take is for some cyber terrorist to actually do something for the people to get the panties in a twist and boom, there we go, partiot act all over again.  franly im rather shoked it hasnt happend yet, the cyber attack that is... knock on wood.

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"This means a company like Facebook, Twitter, Google, or any other technology or telecoms company, including your cell service provider, would be legally able to hand over vast amounts of data to the U.S. government and its law enforcement — for whatever purpose it deems necessary — and face no legal reprisals.

And despite numerous amendments and changes, there are no requirements that personal data, such as health records or banking information, should be anonymized before sharing it with the government.

It's hoped that the data can be used in real time to stop cyberattacks in their tracks, or even trace back to the source of the attack. Because cyberattacks nowadays as weapons in the virtual battlefield could lead to all-out war.

The Bill will also amend the National Security Act to allow U.S. intelligence services to hand over classified information to entities and people that do not have security clearance. The idea is that this will be used in order to help companies fight back against and prevent cyberattacks on their systems in the future.

A great deal of controversy has stirred around this Bill. Having amendments passed in a veil of secrecy did not help matters, either."


That's a of invasive, scary power, not at all what the framers envisioned. I hope the president does indeed veto this.

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The question about why this isn't a bigger issue is intriguing.  I think it's because Congress knows how to manipulate public interest, at least to a certain extent.  They keep trying to pass this bill on the secret while crowing about gun control, abortion, and other issues to distract us.  It's an interesting and disgusting slight-of-hand.  Much like with a magician, never look at what they want you to look at.

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