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Pro-Lifers should reassess. They lost the political game. Their attention should be on convincing young women to keep their children and championing adoption and all that goes with it. My wife and I g

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Would love to watch you tell the parents of the 22 kindergartners that were killed by a mentally ill man that was allowed access to an assault rifle that these are just the risks they endure for a free society.

No right is more important than the one to live.

If the teacher had a gun he might only be telling the parents of 3-4 kindergarteners.

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Here is the thing.  People can decide not to eat fatty food and be healthy.  They can't decide not to get hit by a wacko driving drunk.


Ban Booze!  


Like that worked in the past, or banning drugs stops people from doing drugs. I know you jest, but really.


Gun control has been very successful in other countries.  Americans hold onto it for some primal reason that I will never understand.


One word: Merica!

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People don't decide to get killed by a loser DUI driver either. 


Here is the thing for me.  There are plenty of things we could do to be safer.  I just don't think the freedoms we would give up are worth it.  Being in a free society has its risks.

Kind of like the freedom to choose whether or not to get an abortion?

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