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Something Better to do This Weekend

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Feel free to delete this if I am breaking some rule. Sorry If that is the case.


I know I have never met any of you in person and my posting has dropped in the recent months. Here's why, I am the Co-Artistic Director of a small Non Profit theater company in Lake Forest and since we opened our new space in March, I have been putting in long days with no pay.


The good news is, there is now a small theater casting working actors in the Saddleback Valley.


The bad news is, we are still working on getting butts in the seats.


The great news is our current show is The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged). Its all 37 of Shakespeare's plays performed by 3 guys in less than two hours.


The amazing news is, I play all the women. My Juliet is to die for.


If any of you have an inkling to forgo baseball for an evening and, instead, enjoy a couple hours of off color jokes, cross dressing and a ton of silliness this show would be a great way to do it.


Bonus- there is an In-N-Out up the street!


Here is the link for tickets  http://www.mphstage.org/2015/08/the-complete-works-of-william-shakespeare-abridged-tickets-on-sale-now/


Type in the code "Blueberry" for $5 off tickets or you can go to Goldstar and get them super cheap.


If you do come, let the house Manager know and I would love to start meeting some of you.


Again, if this is in bad form, Mods, please delete.


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Well, since my Juliet is a sex crazed 14 year old with an obsession with social media, there might be a photo shoot in the works.

I'm not the biggest Shakespeare fan either, but Hamlet performed backwards in just over a minute has its moments. In that minute, I play the ghost of hamlet's father, Ophellia, Claudius and Hamlet's mom.

And yes, there are a few references to Caitlyn, Cecil the lion, Bill Cosby and deflate gate just to name a few.

Thanks fornthe kind words and well wishes.

Edited by Sully151
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