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Orange County Register: Angels' Johnny Giavotella continues to establish himself

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Gia hasn't been horrible to where the team must make a change during the season, but he also isn't good enough to be content with him as the 2B going forward. He isn't good defensively....he can't hit for power, he can't steal, he doesn't get on base at a good clip and he doesn't hit for average. There isn't much here that he offers. He's better suited for a backup role off the bench

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The thing is, his bat is only better as a middle infielder, you put his bat anywhere else and it's not as great.  You wouldn't play him as a DH.  I don't mind playing him as a regular, but Scioscia needs to replace him if the team has a lead with a defensive replacement, that'll keep his glove off while maintaining some semblance of value for Johnny.

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Gio is a serviceable 2nd baseman, but when you think about it.....

His offensive war is 2.0, right behind Abyar (2.2), Calhoun (2.3) and Pujols at 2.8


He is a -1.0 of defense, but he is not the reason we suck.


It's the holes in LF, 3rd and Catcher.


Hell, we released a guy who was playing LF for us and hitting .260 (77 AB's) and we sent another guy to AAA who in 83 AB's was .288, but why should I judge, I mean Joyce, Victoronio, Murphy, Dejesus are all much better.   Right.

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Overall, he is a +1.0 WAR.  In my personal opinion, 2nd base is not a top priority, unless we struggle to do something in the OF/3B.


LF, 3B and C are my top three positions to revamp.  than 2nd/SS

He's 0.6 WAR, both on FanGraphs and Baseball Reference. Baseball Reference has him at -1.0 wins above average.

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He is definitely the J.B. Schuck of the infield.  Mediocre power, mediocre hit tool, terrible defensively, doesn't walk and he's not even that fast.  


I guess he is establishing himself as another replaceable fill-in until we can find something better, which is pretty much 2/3 of our offense.

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