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If they follow through with the Syria and Afghanistan exit I will say that he has been successful in something I guarantee Clinton wouldn't have done.

Please tell me this is your source.  

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Not sure why we don't supply these idiots with arms that malfunction on them.  Start putting a Krispy Kreme and Del Taco on every corner to fatten them up and slow them up a tad.  Ecoli would be easy to introduce to them at the same time.  Maybe some clubs like the Peppermint Goat for some full nude goat action to keep their minds off children then take them out with trained assassin goats. We can still do the ole American way of profiting off our enemies and kill them off at the same time. 

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I watched a VICE segment on honor killing in Afghanistan and Pakistan and then there was a bit about it in CNN with Fareed Zakaria this morning. All the women in one family killed by their husbands, brothers for clapping and singing on a cell phone video. A father who shot his daughter in the face and threw her in a river to die.

If you needed another reason to hate Islam, here it is. Just f'ing brutal. Then the CNN report had a Pakistani woman say this "isn't about Islam, it's about the culture in the rural areas, Islam is a religion that respects women and gives them many rights." My mouth dropped.

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Taliban takes advantage of Easter by killing at least 55 people at a Pakistani park. Victims were mostly women and children. A large number of the Christian community were gathered at the park on Easter Sunday. More than 150 injured.



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