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MLBTR says Brewers can't acquire top flight pitching like Newcomb and Heaney, but RHP Nick Tropeano and a couple of near MLB ready relievers should be enough to get both Parra and Lind.

So Tropeano, Bedrosian and Greg Mahle for Parra and Lind. That's the deal.

Just by a show of comments, would you guts take to AW to support such an exchange or caution that the Angels gave up too much?

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That's a no brainer, almost to good to be true, really.

Trading Conger was brilliant; Jerry robbed the Astros blind, haha. Imagine if we traded Tropeano for Lind/Parra...that's like trading Conger for them.

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The lineup would be set (and freaking awesome) but DiGiovanna sent out a tweet saying they're also in the market for a reliever. Clippard or Axford would be pretty dope to throw into that 7th and 8th inning mix along with Smith and Gott to complete the bridge to Street.

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Sorry gents, forgot to reference. It was their weekly chat. I don't participate in such things, but I'll typically read them. Helps me gauge where other teams are and what they may be interested in.

As for the trade itself, I'd support it, cautiously though. Tropeano is going to be a good, consistent #3/4 starter for years to come and would project into our rotation quite well given that we are lefty heavy. Parra and Lind are both likely overperforming to an extent this year, but not so much I'd expect a steep regression.

Parra reminds me of Kubitza in that the talent was always there and there is across the board talent at that, but it's been a slow, constant progression into a good player. There isn't any sort of lightbulb moment, just a grind. Lind, I'd never let him hit against lefties but it's undeniable that he constantly hits major league RHP.

Bedrosian and Mahle will be good, probably in short order, but given our depth of options in the minors it's a gamble we can make.

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