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What would you give up for Price and Cespedes?

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Price? Detroit is only 4 games out of a WC spot

Here's the link he's talking about:


Hopefully they lose a game or two this week even though they play Seattle. With some of the contracts they have they could really benefit from some young pitchers who are under club control for the next few years. We could match up well with them as a trade partner. I just want YC, don't want to gut the farm for Price

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If the Angels had been planning in pursuing either of them aggressively this winter, it'd make sense. Goes against their motive of focusing on younger, cost-controlled guys but they were going to have some money to spend next offseason or two.

Wonder if Shoemaker would appeal to them...not as the central piece of course, but he's from Michigan, cheap, and still solid. They need a ton of help in the pen still, and we have a glut of relief prospects.

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SP depth

Wilson - expiring contract, most attractive tradable MLB piece imo

Weaver - not going anywhere

Richards - untouchable

Santiago - sell high? (I love this guy's attitude though)

Shoemaker - tradeable but what is his value?

Skaggs - DL

Heaney - untouchable

Tropeano - club controlled but imo tradable

Newcomb - untouchable

Ellis - dipoto said he was untouchable but he's gone

Nate smith - tradable

Just my opinion and off the top of my head

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The Angels need a left handed left fielder that can hit at least league average and play defense.  I do not see the cost being worth the consideration for either player.


It is unimaginable how Matt Joyce can make me wish for Hamilton.......

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I just can't get behind a trade for Jay Bruce or Adam Lind.

If we trade for Lind for the sole purpose of platooning him with Cron cool, but if we're expecting anything more we're setting ourselves up for disappointment.

Parra would be a nice add if we were trying to keep our prospects, he could hit lead off and is a solid defender. But I'm holding out hope for Cespedes until the 31st!

Never mind... Para might not come cheap:

@JonHeymanCBS: mets lookin at gerardo parra as well as upton/gomez, as @MarcCarig said. parra seems quite popular on trade market

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