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Orange County Register: Angels Notes: Roger Lodge goes behind the mic on radio this weekend

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I cannot imagine he'd be a good play-by-play guy.


On a separate, but related, note: his interviews are absolutely cringe-inducing.  He clearly just comes up with several questions he wants to ask, reads them to whoever he's interviewing, and then moves on to the next question, without ever going off-script to follow up on something they say.  He reads the questions robotically, and doesn't ever seem to even register what the people say in response.  I've never heard/seen anyone do that as consistently as he does.  It's bizarre--and makes for completely unengaging listening. 


I'm obviously not a broadcaster/interviewer by trade--but I do moderate a lot of focus groups, and there are similarities in the skill sets needed to be effective in those professions.  I learned early on that sticking to the moderator's guide that's developed before the groups start is the quickest way to have dull groups that turn off not only the participants, but also the clients who are watching behind the glass.  Now, unless a client absolutely insists on me sticking to a detailed guide (and I do have one major studio client who does!  :) ), I typically don't even take a guide into the room with me.  I prep beforehand, and know a few major talking points or questions the client wants answered--but then I let the flow of the discussion dictate where and how I get those answers.  Lodge does the exact opposite.  It's beyond frustrating.

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"Lodge was moved into the Angels booth because Terry Smith moved from the radio booth to the TV broadcast. Victor Rojas, the Angels normal TV play by play announcer, had the weekend off for vacation."


So why is Rojas taking a vacation in the middle of the season? =o You had October - March.


Oh well doesn't matter now that it's over. I heard some of the game today driving to my softball game. Lodge was pretty decent.

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I only heard a few minutes of the guy today, but in that little bit he said "and here's Nelson Cruz" of your Seattle Mariners."  What?  I don't want to own those ship jockeys.  And he also loves to call Mike Trout -  "Trouty".

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