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It looked interesting in the previews, until Sandler was shown.  


One side of me wants to see it, since I grew up on those games.


The other side of me knows, if this movie does well, Sandler will get 10 more tries at crappy movies, hoping to find gold.

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The hell happened to adam sandler? Yeah, he was always a goof, but his last decade has been brutal. Literally not one good movie, just a few that had some laughs.

It reminds me of when Metallica went downhill and when asked about it one of the band members said they make enough money to do what they want now....which apparently means to suck

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What happened to Sandler is that he parlayed SNL and his comedies from the 90's into his own production company and had way too much freedom to churn out or act in crap movies.  Despite mostly absolute turds for the last 15 or so years when Grown Ups made 200+ million worldwide that allowed him to put a bunch of other crap (Jack and Jill, That's My Boy, etc.) out.  We gave 'That's My Boy' a chance because I hoped it would be more like Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison and that was the last time I will ever give Sandler any of my money.  

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He wasn't in Grandma's Boy but his production comapny did it. That movie cracks me up every time I see it.


Grandma's Boy is awesome and benefited from low expectations and no big budget stars at least when the movie was made in 2006.  They parlayed that into 'Bucky Larson' so we'll consider that a wash.  Happy Madison has also had some success with TV shows but the few successes don't outweigh the many massive turds.   

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Just the other day, Dustin Hoffman called today's cinema the worst he has seen in 50 years.


“I don’t think that has anything to do with whether you are good or not, it’s just about whether your films make money or not.”


^^^^^ Sums up movies like this perfectly.



As for the little screen, he calls it the best he has seen.



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