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Healthy 24-Year-Old Granted Right to Die in Belgium

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Let me explain the fissure here.

It has to do with first assumptions.

If God, then life has intrinsic worth. Therefore, intentionally killing someone or oneself is a bad thing for both and should be prevented.People should persevere in sadness.

If no God, then life has no intrinsic worth and there are no consequences to the person dying. Why live if you're sad? Why should society prevent it. The world would be a happier place if all sad people were dead.

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Thanks for the calm reply. I appreciate that people would take issue.

The key word is "intrinsic." Money or gold or oxygen just has worth because people think so or to the extent that we need it. Without humans, gold or oxygen is worthless. If every human being died tomorrow, it wouldn't matter really.

We're all going to stop existing so really the world will end for all of us.

But, you're being 100% logical from your starting point. Why continue if your life is continually sad or depressed? Why continue if you just don't feel like it, however? Who is anybody to make the determination of how long to live?

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Well that's up to the individual I suppose. But if we're legislating it, I think we all agree that euthanasia shouldn't be passed out like candy. If you're having a bad week or if your lover dumped you, deal with it on your own terms.

Each case is unique and should be treated as such. Painting the issue in black and white by saying that you should either be all for it or against it is to oversimplify. We saw similar type of arguments in the gay marriage thread in regards to people marrying animals. Like most things in government, there should be limits.

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Isn't any limiting principle just opinion? If the life principle is gone, it's just what what makes you feel comfortable.

Please don't look at my argument as an attack. I often find atheists don't ponder the consequences of their assumption and I try to help them.

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