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And in other news.....

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Oakland has won 4 in a row and 8 of their last 10.....SMH~


They are also a +43 in run differential....


Here it comes.


Which just shows that the AL West is wide open to any team that takes the reins and gets going on a really hot streak. The Angels are not out of this race but they need to win 6 out of every 10 games and win series like they did against the Astros.


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Muddled. The A's are better than they've shown, the Mariners are exactly what they've shown, the Angels are pretty much that they've shown, and the Rangers and Astros are playing so far above their head they can't even see the ground.

The A's will probably win 80 games. The M's, even less. The Rangers, a little less than that.

The real two to watch here are the Astros and Angels. Houston is not that good of a team, but they're in a weak division and if they bring in a couple of good SP, they might be hard to take down.

The Angels have gotten lucky on the pitching end, with Santiago and CJ pitching capably. But they're about to get better because Richards is improving, Shoe will either get better or be replaced by a very promising Heaney. Tropeano might be there too. The bullpen is getting better again.

The real kicker is the offense. They are nothing outside of Trout and Pujols. If they get two more bats, they'll be good enough to win the division, but they also may mortgage their future. If they don't, they might win a WC spot.

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Oakland goes through this pattern every year.  They start out very slow, gain some steam as the team learns to play together on the same page, then they reach their limit and flame out at the end or in the first round of the playoffs.  This year the pattern is a little different, they are hitting well (and it's usually the pitching that gets them hot), but on the other hand the defense is terrible this year.  That defense will sink them in the end.

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