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Prediction Game - The Reese (#50) Game #17/19 - 6/22/15 vs. Houston (7:05 PM PST)


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This is Contest #3/6 for 2015, The Reese (#50).  Redondo has won Contest #1, The Fregosi (#11).  Ray McKigney won Contest #2, The Robinson (#42).  Here are the Rules for The Reese (#50):


#50 – The Reese (June) 


Prediction 1 –  Predict the total number of hits the Angel’s starting pitcher will allow each game, you may enter “NONE.”  Example “STARTER 4”, or “NONE”.  The starting pitcher's name does not have to be specified.


Prediction 2 – The total number of Angels’ successful sacrifices (not attempts) each game. Example “SAC 1”, or you may enter “NONE”.


TIME PERIOD:  June 5 – June 24, 2015.  (New York – Houston Series) – 19 games.



The Rules for the full year can be found in the PINNED thread section above.  Scoreboards for The Reese (#50) are scheduled to appear after games 6, 12, 15, 17, and 19.  A full year Scoreboard will appear after game 19 as well.  All previous Scoreboards can also be found in the PINNED Rules thread above, as well as any current ones.



Post your predictions below for The Reese (#50), Game #17/19, 6/22/14 vs. the Houston Astros (7:05 pm PST).


Results from Game #16/19, 6/20/15 vs. Oakland, are shown below:


Total Predictions = 20

Total Points = 17



3 Point Winners


(Starter Hits Allowed = 8, Sacrifices = 0)





1 Point Winners


tomsred (Sac)

Redondo (Sac)

KevinJ14 (Sac)

Ray McKigney (Sac)

GoodTimesGoneBad (Sac)


True Grich (Sac)

Tank (Sac)

HeavenlyHalos (Sac)

Black Beard (Sac)

katrinab (Sac)

Angelfaninidaho (SHA)

hen3ry (Sac)

Kody Mac (Sac)

TCB (Sac)

Sherlock31 (Sac)

Jimmag (Sac)



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