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Tooth replacement (Arch goes happybat)

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I've been researching this for awhile so I thought maybe this board would be a good extra opinion.


Thanks to an untreated gum infection, a few months ago I had to have my 2 front right teeth removed. I've gotten used to it and would just leave it but my wife and daughter are bugging me to plug the gap. I was just going to get a partial but my mom insists that implants are well worth the extra money and effort.


Anybody here had this done? One way or the other I'm curious to know about some personal experiences with false teeth. Thanks.

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I have one implant. It's not in the front though it's one of my molars.


They have to make sure you have the proper bone structure to support the post. My doctor took a panoramic picture of my face showing the bone and nerve areas.


He then knocked me out and drilled a post into the bone. They put a temp on there and I had to wait quite a while like 5-6 months to make sure the bone didn't reject the post. Then I got fitted for the permanent tooth. I opted for a gold one since they last forever. They now make one that my doctor calls zirconium which is much harder that the porcelain and is actually less money. Porcelain looks good but can chip and vary in color.


Very glad I did this instead of a bridge. I don't even know it's in my mouth. And I didn't have to have any adjoining teeth ground down for a bridge.


Definitely the way to go if you are a candidate.

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I used to sing with an older guy who had one of his teeth fall out. He simply slapped some Krazy glue on that mofo and shoved it back into place. It worked for him.

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If you go the implant route I would strongly suggest you pay more and go to an oral surgeon. I would not let a general dentist drill into my bone or even do a root canal,(getting a $1,000 root canal on my back molar by a general dentist turned out to be a very costly mistake).

Pay more and get it done by a specialist.


Agree. Had my implant put in by a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery and the tooth by my regular dentist.


When I had my root canal a few years back I went to a different specialist that all he does is root canals. He was very good also.


I would never have my regular dentist do this kind of work on my mouth.

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Yep. The regular dentist botched the root canal and I had to go to a root canal specialist to get it done right. The regular dentist was cheaper initially but it ended up costing me thousands more in the long run.

With something like an implant it is even more critical that it is done right in the first place.

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