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The Official 2015-16 LA Kings Thread


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Top five contenders for next year...posted in this thread because guess what, they have the Kings as #1.  I hope the Ducks get downplayed a lot this summer, if I can get the Ducks at 8-1 or better in Vegas I'm gonna bet the crap out of that.  


Sorry if this next one is a Craig, very interesting article on why/how the Kings season went wrong:




Both need espn insider subscription.

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Hearing Lucic to the Kings...possibly closenewicon.gif

stay tuned 
Source: Eklund
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If this is true.  I really don't get this one.  He's owed $6 million next year, and is a FA after that.  Last year he had 44 points.  Although in the 4 years prior to that, 3 years he had 59-62 points.  Unless it's a swap, financially I don't get it.

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Seriously, I think Boston won the trade. We'll see what happens though. 


I'm going to be pissed if Lucic signs back with Boston. It's funny too because Lucic is on the Kings on my NHL 15 GM mode lol

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Apparently Boston is eating some of Lucic salary. How much? I can't find anything with a specific dollar amount.

@ESPNJoeyMac: Bruins also retain $2.7 million of Lucic’s salary, per source.

@Real_ESPNLeBrun: The Bruins retained close to half of Lucic's cap hit/salary in order to make trade work with the cap-strung Kings

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there's not a snowball's chance in hell i'd keep lucid over Kopitar.


on the whole, i hope this trade works out for us and that the bruins don't draft another ray bourque type player with our draft pick.


i'm gonna miss jones. i really liked that kid. guessing that berube will get the call as the backup.

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