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Angels sign Jahmai Jones (Second Rounder)

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Baseball is probably the only sport where they pressure you not to get an education.  And then we wonder why baseball players are usually not too bright.


The "smart" ones hire Boras and let his education do the hard stuff for them.


Also, ELEVEN asked about a list of who has signed -- there is a thread tracking the signings in the other forum...  http://www.angelswin-forum.com/forums/topic/21389-draft-signings/  


As usual John Smith is constantly posting signing updates.

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Also, I wouldn't call him our best position player yet, mostly because his scouting report is eerily reminiscent of other OF prospects from the South that we drafted a couple years back named Chevy Clarke and Ryan Bolden (RIP).  All the talent in the world is hard to capitalize on if you can't adjust to the kids from CA, TX , FL and DR.


Plus technically Kubitza is still considered a prospect until he exceeds his rookie status. I will say that I have Jones ranked right up there with Nat Delgado though. 

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Jahmai "Jam" Jones is truly a standout talent from a very talented family. Jahmai's father Andre was a wide receiver at Notre Dame and his older brother TJ was selected in the NFL Draft's 6th round in 2014. But of all of these siblings, Jahmai stands out. 6'0" and 210 lbs, Jones is built like a train. A commit to UNC, Jones clocked in at 6.6 seconds in the 60-yard dash, the same time of 30/30 man Matt Kemp. Jahmai also has pop, as a leadoff man he hit .464 with 10 home runs in his senior year at Wesleyen, and has some of the quickest hands of this years' draft class. He projects to be a doubles hitter with good contact who can run into a home run every once in a while. Jones also excels in the field, and has a cannon for an arm. Although he has proven himself at SS, his future is in CF because of his incredible arm. He patrols the outfield like a captain, and makes big plays in clutch times, and his arm and speed will be the things to keep him in the outfield. Being just 18 when the draft rolls around means that Jahmai has huge upside for teams picking in the early rounds and it would be shocking if he didn't sign with a team.





Jones' fast hands and bat speed bode well for him as a raw talent, and with development in the minors, could become an incredible 2-3 hitter for any MLB team



Jones said it best himself: "I try to work gap to gap with line drives. The home runs, they come, but I think I'm more of a doubles hitter". That being said, Jones can run into home runs and, with age, could develop more power.



Jones can field well in both the middle infield and the outfield, but it isn't his best feature.



Jones has a dazzling arm for a high schooler, and it only projects to get even better. Look for him to gun guys out at the plate for years to come.



One of Jones' best aspects is his speed, and it helps him turn doubles into triples as well as get to balls in the outfield gap


Jahmai Jones compares best to Jose Altuve and a shorter Matt Kemp Videos:

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Already the best position player prospect in the system. :lol:

I'd go so far as to say he will be a better prospect than Jeff Mathis 2, who we drafted in the previous round.

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