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And in Crazy Train news.

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would love to have a bullet train running through the middle of the state. not sure what it would cost to ride it, but at this rate i gotta believe it's going to be like $500 one way just to pay for the stupid thing.


they've got a ton of problems in settling on the course of the track, too. there are areas where there are lots of houses in the way, or schools, or whatever else. gonna cost a ton of cash to get the property, and the number of legal challenges is going to tie this thing up for years, all while the price continues to go up.


at some point they're gonna have to admit they don't have anywhere near the money to pay for this monstrosity. raising our taxes to pay for the horror show should not be an option.


once again: knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad. that applies here.

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you know what would be even better than the bullet train? how about adding at least more lane in each direction on the 5 between the grapevine and sacramento. i had to drive it (again) this weekend, and it's absolutely asinine that my speed keeps fluctuating between 50 and 80 because johnny truck driver has to pass another truck driver, slowing down everyone behind him. it's frustrating as anything to deal with this two dozen times.


there's plenty of space between the northbound and southbound lanes to add at least one more lane in each direction. that would be money far better spent than a bullet train.

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  • 3 months later...

California bullet train project is attracting interest — but not funding



We really need this thing to die already.



With slim near-term prospects for additional state or federal funding, the project needs billions of dollars in private investment to supplement government funding as it tries to complete its first passenger-carrying segment.
Rail authority Chairman Dan Richard said the companies generally want either a revenue guarantee or a record of financially successful operations. 
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The train itself would be huge for CA, it would open up employment opportunities for so many... but financially it is such a disaster there is no way you could ever make a case for it being a good idea.  I don't get how the project hasn't completely died yet.

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They can use the money to renovate Angel Stadium and buy 50,000 season seats for 20 years. That would mean more jobs for concessionaires, parking attendants, off-duty cops, and, hopefully, hookers.  


going on that route.  I think they could buy every MLB, NHL, NBA, and NFL team in California.  heck, at least with that investment, Californians will get too root for their team, and eventually make their money back once the teams are sold.

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