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Official MLB Draft Thread

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The draft is coming up on Monday.  Hope we can all tune in, it really adds a lot to my work on prospects.  So who do you think the Angels will grab?


My hope is OF/1B D.J. Stewart from Florida State.  He's the best, most advanced college bat in the draft and should be ready to roll in AA next year, then the majors shortly thereafter.  Has the chance to be a true middle of the order bat in LF and could be ready to roll in the majors at the end of next season.  Also has a neck that rivals Trout.  Not sure if he makes it to the Angels or not.


I think SS Kevin Newman is the likliest pick for the Angels though.  He's from So-Cal (played his college ball at ASU), and is a steady shortstop that can play in the majors soon.  Upside isn't terribly high though. 

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I hear good things about Bickford, he might have the highest upside of the draft outside of Aiken.  I also wrote up a rundown at MWAH of all the prospects I've read the Angels are connected with. - http://monkeywithahalo.com/2015-articles/angels-2015-mlb-draft-preview.html


The ones I've seen pop up the most frequently are Kevin Newman and Blake Trahan.  I don't really view either as first round picks as neighter has the upside you normally see from that crop.  But since we're picking with the last pick, I suppose finding a Newcomb/Heaney type of value is more in the 10-15 range, not 25-30.  


Then again, Trouty came in that range. 

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I'd rather have the err on the side of more pitching and just make trades to get more advanced minor league bats.  


apparently this draft is deep in MIF so if they are going to go there, I'd rather it be later.  If they can get a player with big power potential in the first round, that would be great.  I hope there is more to Newmann than it seems as it was mentioned that he likely can't stay at SS.   


How about Richie Martin?  

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BBA mock draft v 5.0




26. Angels


Still tied to college bats, the Angels find themselves in a draft without many left on the board. That could lead them to Eshelman, whose 70 present fastball command could move him to the majors quickly as a Matt Shoemaker-like No. 4 starter.

Selection: Thomas Eshelman, rhp, Cal State Fullerton

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MLB draft is one of the most boring things there is to watch. At least Selig won't be there to butcher Los Angeles and every other name he attempts to say.

"The Los Angeleese Angels of Anaheim select..."

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