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3 million fans?


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Looks like this could be the first year in over a decade that the Angels don't reach the 3 million fan mark.  Right now we are on pace for about 2.84 million.  Pretty sad that we have the best player in the world and attendance just keeps going down.  Who knows, maybe the Angels will continue this hot streak and fans will flock over the summer time?

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The crowds usually seem fuller during the summer when more kids are at the park. Is it behind last year at this time?

I believe it is the first time in a decade that we have even fallen below pace but I am not positive on that.


We also haven't had any of the big 3 away fan teams in yet (Red Sox, Yanks, Dodgers) so that will help skew it up a little.  

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Crowd was very small last night. But, Monday.

Even so Monday games used to never be below 30K and were usually in the 31-33K range a few years ago.  These next few games against the Rays and Dbacks will continue to hurt the attendance figures. 

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Angels have some winning to do if they expect the crowds to come back. A playoff appearance last year and a good 5 game run in May isn't gonna cut it.

The previous 3-4 games I went to had bad Angel baseball, was boring as hell and uninspiring. I'm a baseball fan and if I don't wanna go, that's saying something.

I'm not going to pay to watch bad baseball.

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Right on stub hub on Calhoun fire croch visor giveaway you can get tickets for 6 bucks and change. Prices will drop as well as the day goes on

Yup...right now you can get right field pavilion for $4.91 each on stubhub...the poor seller is only seeing about $2.25 per ticket out of that.  The only game the Angels have figured out how to price correctly is opening day, they haven't a clue on the rest of the schedule.  

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Angels attendance since 2002 (avg then total)

2002: 28,463/2,305,565

2003: 37,791/3,061,094 (hooray WS win from last year, 1st time over 3 million fans!)

2004: 41,675/3,375,677

2005: 42,033/3,404,686

2006: 42,059/3,406,790

2007: 41,551/3,365,632

2008: 41,194/3,336,744

2009: 40,004/3,240,374

2010: 40,133/3,250,816

2011: 39,090/3,166,321

2012: 37,799/3,061,770 (We got Pujols, Angels start Dynamic pricing on a full scale)

2013: 37,277/3,019,505

2014: 38,221/3,095,935

2015: 34,257/924,949 (through 27 games)


I would be very interested to see the revenue numbers for ticket sales each year but I have been unable to find that.

Below is a link to a chart that shows the avg ticket price for Angels game since 2006.  Look at the drastic jump since 2013.


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we have the third largest drop ytd. vs. last year.  

Nice find there doc...very interesting.  I knew attendance drop off was bad but I didn't realize how bad it was until comparing it to the other teams via this chart.  What is really surprising is the Mariners have over 8K more fans per game compared to last year.


Interesting. I wonder why? They were coming of a worse season, had a pretty mediocre first couple of months... Same as this year except coming off a great season with a lousy postseason.

I think that it has to do with the cost to go to an Angels game these days.  For no reason should the upper views by the foul pole be more than $5 for a mon-wed game against the Rays.  I remember when they had kids Tuesdays where you could get a $3 upper view ticket if you were 18 or under.  

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But, the Ducks weren't deep in the playoffs either~ And your 27 day example corresponds with the length of Playoff Hockey.... 



With their run just ending there could be a bit of sports lay off for some fans of both teams.

Ducks went about 2 weeks deeper this year.  I believe only 1 or 2 of the Ducks home games in the Hawks series conflicted with an Angels game.  

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