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This is why All-Star Game Fan Voting is DUMB!

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this has some sort of automated manipulation all over it.  


Sal Perez is currently the leading vote getter in the AL. Gonna be hard to dethrone him.  


Cruz is the leading vote getting for DH.  Although Kendrys is on his heels


This doesn't show that Omar Infante and Hosmer are in 2nd place for their positions


Alex Rios is 5th for the OF right now.  silly.  the guy has 33 plate appearances.  

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1) Angels fans don't give a hoot about the All Star Game. They dont vote like other fan bases. Never have, never will.

2) I voted for Trout, Pujols, Calhoun and Aybar so they got my 35 votes.

3) Our team has Los Angeles in its name but the All Star Game votes don't show that we have a big market share of the ASG voter participation.

4) Anaheim is not a baseball town, it's a Disney town.

5) The ASG really isn't a big deal. Many local fans show up to the ballpark in the 2nd or 3rd inning and leave after the 7th inning anyway.

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What I would like to ask our AW member is this. 


Give me your alternative to All-Star Game voting and how it would be most fair. 


Since the game actually has meaning now, the fans should not be allowed to vote. I realize it's still a "spectacle" but it still gives the winning team HFA in the WS. The selection process should be done similar to the MVP process, just much quicker. Obviously there will still be players who get snubbed but that's just how it is. At least it won't be as ridiculous as Jeter starting at shortstop.

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Right now, the fans choose 8 NL and 9 AL, the Players 16 (8 pitchers) and the managers 9 NL and and 8 AL.  


not sure I would change the selection process.  But I would expand the field to include 5 additional players that should be recognized as all-stars yet the roster limits stay the same.  Especially if every team has to get a rep.  


For Richards not to get recognized last year was one of the most ridiculous snubs ever.  


Plus, Yost and Scioscia don't like each other, so there isn't going to be any Halos added this year.  

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