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Orange County Register: Green moves to another infield position for the Angels

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Didn't see Green play SS but his play at 1st Sunday night bordered on abyssmal.


Didn't stretch to catch Giavotella's throw after Johnny had made a great play behind 2nd.  Actually caught it even with his body.  It cost the Angels an out which eventually scored.


Didn't come off of bag on Giavotella's errant throw costing the Angels another run.  Even Iron Hands Cabrera for the Tigers came off the bag to save a run in a later innings on  a similar play.


And his play of the squibber off the end of the bat was comical.  Lucky the Tigers didn't ask for reply that showed he touched it before it went foul.  He let the ball play him and wasn't aggressive.  Which is what it seems like he does both on the field and at the plate.


All in all he appears to be an inadequate defensive player.


One could argue he's been playing different positions and not playing much but he's been playing catch and fielding grounders at a high level for many years in college and the pro's.


Looks as lost at bat too - in fact I thought the Angels had brought back Brandon Wood.

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Green's defense at first is terrible, but in no way am I blaming him for Giavotella's horrible throw.  Would Cron and Pujols have caught it?  Yeah, if they left the bag.  Green tried to stay on the bag and catch it, which proved to be impossible for even someone as tall as he is, making the throw that much worse.  


Green ended up letting it get by and him and a run scored and the runner at first was safe.  However, if Pujols was at 1B, he would've had to come off the bag, the runner would've been safe regardless, and the runner at 3B instead of scoring on that play would've scored on the next regardless. 


Green's a limited shortstop and that's ok at 2B and LF, that's trying to play 1B.  In other words, he's doing about as well as expected right now, which means he's not a good 1B.  But let's not pile on and blame Green for Giavotella's deficiencies.  Green already has enough blame on his shoulders without adding Jonny's screw-ups. 

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1b is harder to play right than everybody thinks. footwork is huge. want to see it played right? dig up some tape of keith hernandez.

green will never be another hernandez but to play any position in baseball adequately one needs consistent play at that position. not taking grounders or outfield but many game reps.

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I'd like to see what he can do with a few weeks of consistent starts before I pick up the shovel and start digging his grave.  

This. As I recall Gia made some boneheaded plays at 2B in the first few weeks of the season. Green's getting bounced all over the place. Give him a decent chance to find his sea legs and he might. Sosh really doesn't seem to like him, and that can't be helping matters.

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iirc, he was playing just about every day las t May (?) and hitting great .

 then he got hurt

He got the game winning hit against the M's when Trout and Pujols dogged Rodney just after the AllStar break in July...then got hurt and that was pretty much it....
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I think the whole point is that the organization sees Green as a super utility player.... He will very likely never have a true positional home in this organization unless his bat just heats up so much that they have to put him somewhere.

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