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Was there any official explanation of PB's benching?

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It was one game, that's not a benching. We win and you guys STILL find things to bitch about.

I am not bitching....not yet at least.  If PB was taken out for a rest I can understand it.  However, the team has only played in 11 games this season and PB only had 1 AB in three of those games so I am surprised a rest was needed.  If there was some single game match up strategy about the move than I want to know what it was and I won't bitch.


However, if it is because your team is starting off 2-8, your clean up hitter is batting under 200, and you are feeling pressure to turn it around so you bench a player who his hitting 280+ than yea....I am going to bitch.

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I wish Hamilton or Iannetta sucked as bad as he does right now.  We'd have a few more Ws if they did.

I wish Trout sucked as bad. Bourjos has homered.


Trout is all strikeouts looking, groundouts and weak-sauce infield singles with no steals and no highlight reel quality OF plays anymore.


Mike Trout = Stout Bourjos :(

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If you don't start giving guys rest day's early it bites you in the butt later on in the season. There are no Cal Ripkins anymore in the game.


Bourjos has had more days off than every other starting player who is not injured, including Iannetta.

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if the plan is to demote Bourjos back to the bench why exactly did we get rid of Morales, Hunter and Wells again? so we could play Shuck on a regular basis?


F if I know.  I just think that they will accomodate Trout's want to play CF on a semi regular basis.   I don't think it's really a demotion to bourjos per se, just that they don't think much of him offensively.  What I mean is, Trout's bat plays in CF or LF.  Bourjos bat plays in CF because he is out there for his CF defense, but when trout is in CF, they view Pete as interchangeable with other LFers on the roster.  Do I think this is a good plan?  No.  Do I think that Pete needed a day off? No


It's just what I think they are thinking. 

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