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Orange County Register: Angels' C.J. Cron sent to minors in hopes he can regain his rhythm at plate

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I thought Grant Green should have gotten the roster spot out of ST.........


Cron? sure liked his swing when he first came up and started hitting line drives -- but then he met the MLB off-speed pitches and it sent him back to the minors.


Cron is a one dimensional player -- can't field much at 1B and you really can't put him in the OF -- he's a high reward (lots of power) and high risk (lots of strikeouts) guy.


He may be back up in September or if someone gets hurt -- but, really, Cron is a guy who could be sent out never to be seen in a Halos uni again.

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ANAHEIM – C.J. Cron hadn’t notched an extra-base hit in a month and hadn’t walked in five weeks. To find the swing he long ago lost, the Angels sent him down to Triple-A Salt Lake, temporarily replacing him with utilityman Grant Green.Green...

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To find the swing he never had, actually. At least on the major league level. It is apparent that he is just not talented enough for MLB. He is one of those kids that will have a nice career in the minors, make a good living playing baseball for part of the year. No shame in that, every organization needs depth on the farm to allow it to develop talent. He fills out a AAA roster nicely, can contribute to the health of the farm system, and have fun playing ball making a better than average living for a 5 month work season. He is just not major league material. Again, no shame in that, not many are in the scope of things.

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CJ Cron had 80 PAs over Angels first 28 games, a pace for 462 PAs in the season. And this was after having a full spring of everyday ABs to get his timing.

He was hitting .208 with a .232 OBP. (And 4 of his 16 hits at that point had come in one game, so his consistency was even worse.)

That's when he stopped playing regularly.

why is it that if someone like Matt Joyce, who actually has a career track record of being better than his numbers, should sit if he stinks over a small sample, but someone like CJ Cron, who has no track record, just needs to keep playing because "how is he supposed to get his timing if he doesn't play"?

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Sounds like he will be a marvelous AAAA player


People here seem to forget that he really hasn't even proven he's even a AAA player.  The guy entered this season with less than 200 at bats above AA.   To write him off as a AAAA player when he's barely seen AAA is a bit premature.

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