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New PAT spot


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2 pt conversion is from the 2.


This PAT change isn't a big deal.  I think they should get rid of the PAT and only allow 2pt attempts.


The change to the 15 is going to change the PAT from 99.6% success to 95%

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Last year teams converted 27 of 56 on 2 pt conversion (47.5%). Since the 2 pt conversion was introduced (1994) its only been above 50% 4 times.

This will make teams practice 2 pt conversion more often and put more emphasis on them.

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It's really a worthless change. I like the ability to return it but it won't happen often and shouldn't change teams thinking. Other than a holding penalty there is very little effect. People are pointing out the 95% make from that distance but keep in mind that includes field goals from the hash marks too. The number was 96 or 97% from straight on. Since PATs will be taken from dead center the change will make no practical difference in strategy.


Just give teams the option of taking a free point or going for two.

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I hear this is just an easing into eventually making the PAT from the 25 or 30 yard line sometime in the future.  At that point it would be much more advantageous to go for 2.   I think that will eventually lead to the PAT getting scrapped altogether, which might not be a bad thing

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