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2015 offense = 1992 offense

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Hey, I have to occupy my time somehow, now that the venting has been minimized.

Admittedly, this could have just as easily been added to the "From Best to Worst, how did it happen?" thread.

Mods, please delete this thread if desired.

I'll move my post to the other thread.

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Except for Trout, this might as well be the 1992 offense.

When was the last time the team had a sub .650 OPS this late into the season?

Believe it or not, the 99 team had the same OPS+ of 83 as this one..   The 92 team came in at 79.  On the plus side, prior to this road trip the OPS+ sat at 80.


I still believe this offense will pick it up, but the fall off is pretty dramatic.  




2012 - 114

2013 - 110 

2014 - 109

2015 - 83

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I like the exception model.  


Take away the best player in baseball from an offense and they aren't very good.  


teams are built in anticipation of certain expected production.  


Take Garret Richards and Mike Trout from the 2014 team and they play .500 ball.  


That 1992 offense had almost zero players with even a remote shred of offensive talent.  


BTW.  Ben Revere = Luis Polonia.  Want to get a kick?  Check out Polonia's 1999 season.  After spending two years in a Mexican league he comes back and hits .324 with an .882ops with detroit.  He hit 10hrs in 355 plate appearance.  he had 19 in his previous 4500 plate appearance before that.  LOL.


between him and Curtis, they had the dirtbag creep quota covered. 


I'd take that year from Rene Gonzales in LF right now though  :)

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The old Montreal screw job!

And then there was the MSG incident in 1996 involving HHH, HBK, Razor Ramon, and Diesel.

HHH screwed himself for a year, as Vince essentially demoted him to side matches because of it. Fortunately, HHH recovered to become as big of a name as there has been the past two decades.

I like hijacking my own threads. :)

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