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20K no-knock raids a year

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But about a decade ago, the Supreme Court decided that rule didn't apply to evidence collected during an unjustified no-knock raid — as long as police would have gotten hold of the evidence anyway, through a traditional raid.



anyone know what ruling that was?


edit: let's be honest it was mainly a republican appointed court so we shouldn't be shocked.

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Still pisses me off that these assholes were not indicted:




Reminds me of the mortgage meltdown. The FBI was added as an oversight office and for mortgage fraud or white collar type inquiries they started going to offices with the whole blowing down doors (that were obviously unlocked and open), flash bangs, and raiding offices guns drawn and what not. Just absolutely excessive.

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the police are an out of control occupying army that considers civillians(non-cops) as the enemy.

my best practice is to totally avoid contact- don't even look at them. if you make contact- you're asking for trouble.

at  the very least they will take your money. the police are an outstanding revenue collection arm for the gov. legalized theft through asset forfiture.

how the hell did it get like this?

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My only real issue with police is that it seems they too often aren't willing to subject themselves to potential threats and instead opt to use strong defense tactics. If you are a cop, you necessarily agree to subject yourself to certain threats. You can't just pull out your gun and shoot because someone reaches the wrong direction. It seems to me too many cops are reacting too hastily.

But then again, every time a cop does something bad it is front page news. What about the 99.99% of the time officers do their job the right away.

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