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Bandy's 21 RBI is 11th-best in the PCL while his .390 average would lead the league if he had enough at-bats to qualify (he's only played 17 games). The 25-year-old catcher has hit .611 with 14 RBI during his five-game hitting streaks. Bandy clubbed 2 HR's, 4 RBI's last night and reached base four times.
We could use someone like Bandy hitting in the middle of our order. 
I wonder if they start trying him in LF and 1B, in addition to C? We could essentially start him at DH since we're not getting anything from that spot in the lineup. 
While dropping Iannetta is the logical choice, I really doubt they cut Chris this season unless he continues to suck through the All-Star Break.


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They would be more likely to try and trade Iannetta in a "change of scenary" type of trade.


I'm fine with that too. 


As bad as he is offensively he's been even worse defensively. 


Watching Carlos Perez behind the plate, I forgot what it was like to have a good defensive catcher. 

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Talking to someone from the Angels, I was told Bandy's struggled a bit defensively so far this year, which was a big reason why they went with Carlos Perez over Bandy.  He's also striking out a little more and walking a little less.  The Angels have discussed his name for promotion at least once, but the general consensus is that he's getting better in AAA as the year has progressed and that they feel he still has some growth potential left in AAA.  


I think what they're hoping to do is to NOT have to promote Bandy due to Iannetta's lack of performance.  They're hoping Iannetta turns it around and that they can take their time with Bandy.  But that's not always the case.  We know there aren't any plans to cut Iannetta loose anytime soon.  He handles the staff too well and when things are clicking offensively, he's of solid value at catcher.


But I also think once June rolls around, if Iannetta still isn't hitting, the Angels' hand will be forced. 

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65 plate appearances in the PCL.  I can hardly contain my excitement. 


The other day, MLB Now listed the top five catchers this year in pitch framing runs.  Iannetta was fifth.  His track record with the bat is too solid to give up on him. 

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