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Giavotella FTW!!!

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he's done a really nice job so far.  A potential weak spot going into the year is now resulting in average to slightly above production.  I can see some decent defensive improvement in him already.  His throws lacked confidence early in the year and have gotten much better.  


Plus, he brings a lot of enthusiasm and you can see the other players respond to it.  

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i'm depressed

Mariner's came back against a decent bullpen late in games and on the road. These were close games, and in Seattle, would have gone the other way.

BTW, what's with the train noise the Seattle broadcast plays on homeruns?

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I like how the Angels have handled Giovatella - giving him the second base spot and putting him out there every single game.



I'm impressed they didn't hand it to Rutledge simply because they gave up more to get him and he had the most success at the MLB level. 

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Quite the opposite of Howie Kendrick. Mr. GIDP Rallykiller.


You should really get together with Wallyworld for scones sometime.


Kedrick's start this years is almost identical to Giavotella's with a higher slugging% and OPS.


Career wise Kendrick (.768) is much better than Giavotella (.657) with RISP. But then we are comparing 1186 Plate appearances to 158.

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Obviously Kendrick is better than Gia, but I'll take a 2-3 WAR second baseman for the league minimum. 


If only half our lineup hadn't been absolutely terrible for the first 30 games, we'd be fine.  The fact that we have to rely on his offensive production in the first place is pretty sad.

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Just warning y'all that Giavotella is on a streak but it is unsustainable in terms of his RISP numbers. I love what he is doing to bring some life back to the Angels but his history says this will all settle down to him being just average. Which will be fine if we can just get average out of the rest of the slugs on the roster.

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