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"Inject some life into this offense" Lineup

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Now that Joyce got that HR Scioscia is gonna have his excuse for sticking with him for another month.  He should be a platoon at best and Cron is showing us absolutely nothing.  Use your lineup but bring up Green and put him in LF, and have Cron/Joyce platoon at DH (and Cron giving Pujols a break at 1B).  Also, give Perez the opportunity to do something.

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I think my optimal team would require some pretty drastic roster moves.

1. Play Perez over Iannetta, not only because of offense but mainly defense too. He controls the run game.

2. Demote Cowgill, promote Gary Brown, he's faster and just as useful on defense.

3. Demote Navarro, promote Kubitza to play LF. It infuses offense, puts another LHB in the lineup and gets his bat ready for next year when he takes over 3B.

4. Put Weaver on the DL with whatever lingering injury you can dream up and promote Tropeano.

5. Demote Alvarez, promote Heaney. Move Santiago to the bullpen. If we're going to have an inconsistent lefty in the rotation it might as well be Heaney, at least he has upside.

6. Thank Featherston, try to make sure he ends up in a system that'll have an opening on the major league roster. Promote Eric Stamets. He's not only better defensively, he'd be a late inning sub for Freese, he can fly on the bases and can bunt. If Scioscia is going to insist on pinch running and playing small ball, then give him the right players to do it with.

2B Giavotella
CF Trout
RF Calhoun
1B Pujols
3B Freese
LF Kubitza
C Perez
DH Joyce/Cron
SS Aybar


Bench: Iannetta, Brown, Stamets, Cron/Joyce
Rotation: Richards, Shoe, Wilson, Tropeano, Heaney
Bullpen: Street, Smith, Morin, Salas, Pestano, Ramos, Santiago.


That's the best team in my opinion. 

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