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BBQ Island

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Anyone here ever build one or buy one? If you built it did you order an online kit? Any advice? If you bought one, did you like or use any of the extras that came with it, sink, fridge, burner? I'm remodeling my entire back yard and I want an island but I'm looking for advice so I don't blow it or order extra stuff I won't use.

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I built one long ago out of cinder block and conrete with tile top.  I kept it simple with bbq, a two drawer box and the access doors. 



That cinder block and concrete almost killed me. 


As chance would have it, I am again putting a pool in my backyard and am building my bbq.  This time, I'm looking at steel studs.  I've looked online at the building kits and once I get around to really looking and measuring, I'll probably go this route. 


I am gonna keep mine simple.  bbq and access doors.  I don't really want that area to be a "conversation" area.  That's what I have a pool and tables and chairs for, I suppose. 

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How good of a carpenter/electrician/mason are you? If you are thinking of installing a built in along with all the extras and are not used to figuring out all of the detail work needed then hire someone to do the design and build. Yeah, they will have a huge mark up on what is actually not that expensive of materials but you don't have to spend weekend after weekend trying to assemble something that takes them two days to complete.


I had to take out the original bbq in my backyard because the brick was non standard size and to remodel it was impossible to match the existing. So I busted it out and contracted a company to do an install of a basic island for a prep table with storage. I finished the top myself with tile that matched the kitchen indoors. It does not have a built in nor a fridge. The fridge would be nice but you almost have to keep it plugged in 24/7 so it doesn't get that weird baked plastic smell sitting outside in the heat.


That was just about enough fun for me, the tile process is an adventure all in itself. My brother spent four months on his project and it came out perfect, complete with a covered area and wet bar. But he spent every night after work and weekends building it with help from some of his friends that have more than just home owner skills. You can do it but can you spare the time?


As for the amenities, how often do you entertain? If you have people over once or more a month in the backyard then it may pay off. Family events go smoother the more counter top area you have and people like to mingle around an outdoor bar so a sink and fridge is a must. The BBQ becomes secondary and built ins are usually for grilling only so you can save lots of money buying a really good stand alone to place near your island and save that extra counter space for chips, salsa and drinks.  

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Just be your own contractor and design one. Last one I remember was a family member going with the grill (it had the other components like burners and was also hooked directly to the home gas line), storage, fridge, and audio....control the backyard sound system.

It was only 8k but and really great material and finish. I could only imagine how much higher it would have been just handing it over to some dude.

Check with Adam, his brother does some bad ass concrete work and I think does islands.

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