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re-watched 2002 game 1 loss vs Yankees

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I have all the games from 2002 and I very rarely re-watch the losses. This might be the first time I've watched it since live.  A few thoughts.....


1. Umps were giving Yankees ridiculous calls. First inning alone called Erstad out on a bunt he was clearly safe on and rang up Salmon on a pitch a foot inside. Washburn not getting anything close to what Clemens was getting. Top of the 9th Rivera looked wild after 3 high balls to Eckstein and 4th pitch was a called strike that was higher than the letters. Rivera quickly calmed down and shut it down. I forgot how intimidated the umpires were at Yankee home games back then. 


2. Scioscia managed perfectly. I remembered him botching the 8th inning but he did not. Webber had 2 out with nobody on and an 0-2 count on Soriano. Schoenweis had 2 strikes on Giambi and Donnelley had 2 strikes on Williams. Several times they were 1 strike away. 


3. I miss the first to third, stolen base, everybody hits style of baseball. We've become the wait for the 2 run homerun team. 


4. I remember feeling so bad after that loss. Maybe we were over our heads. We're too inexperienced. They are the Yankees. Freaking Jeter talking about the Yankee ghost. After re-watching this loss I just smiled.


What a year

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Mr. Grit,


Umps have been giving Yankees and screwing Angels on pitches ever since I can remember. I would be thrilled to recently re-watch the game as you have, and what's funny is I do remember the umpires constantly dicking us, but for some reason, none of that mattered and those guys were determined and took every opportunity they had.


I would probably watch every game of that season the entire way through, like a TV Series, if it was filmed and the footage was there.


The best everything that year, really.

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Very cool, Ersty!  (#one-seven is my all-time favorite as well!)  

I've got a few of the games from the first two series, and had all of the Series games on vhs until buying the huge collection last year.  I LOVE watching the dvd's because they have the Rory Markus radio-audio!


I wish the Angels would expand their dvd collection for us all.

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