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Dipoto's next big decision going forward

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we really need to find a 3B replacement, and a SS replacement once aybar leaves.  the system is absolutely bare at those positions

We have those if they continue to pan out. Kubitza looks pretty damned good and Baldoquin is warming up. He could be/should be ready by the end of 2016, when Aybar will be gone.

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I was thinking about Cespedes as well, but, I don't see it happening because Dipoto is a big believer in OB%, and Cespedes is not good in that regard. 


What I would like to see is a true leadoff hitter so we can drop Calhoun and Trout 1 spot each. In that vein, I'd go after Dexter Fowler, if he's still available and then look for power in other areas.

Fowler is a free agent after this year. He might be a nice option to lead off, but I think a big bat to hit behind Pujols would still be needed.


Here's another thought: Trade for Carlos Gomez.

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I'm really not sold on kubitza, and we have no idea what Baldwin is yet.  For a (should be) contending team, I'm not comfortable with having half the infield be question marks.  And what if giavotella doesn't work out?  That leaves us with pujols, whoever the catcher is, and a big pile of nothing

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I'll grant you Buster.

Panda was never a superstar.

Lincecum, Cain, and now Bumgarner have had two-three seasons each where they could be considered borderline superstars, however, not simultaneously.

Good point. I totally forgot about Posey, but none of the other guys are superstar talent.

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Like the idea of Fowler to fill the left field void. Think Zobrist would be a great addition since he could help out in left and second (along with third, right, short, first, and DH). Jaso or Lind would be my votes for DH. Sign two of those four and you're probably in good shape. 

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