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Alan Busenitz


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looks like he's been converted to a starter and was moved to AA from Burlington last year.  


nice outing today.  5ip, 3h, 1er, 1bb, 4k. 


any info on his stuff?  


Three pitch guy (FB, change, curve), above average to solid command of all three pitches for the most part.  What I've seen of him he works in the 92-94 range and used his curve as his strikeout pitch.  He also had a rather high leg kick last year, which looked to give him a bit of deception.  Not sure if the velocity or leg kick will stick around if he moves to the rotation.  He's an interesting guy to follow because he is a bit of an unknown, a JC guy who then moved on to Kennesaw State where he was mostly a RP.  My guess is the Angels saw him while scouting Max Pentecost.  


I was looking at the match-ups today and see that Jordan Kipper has been moved from RP to SP as well.  TCU guy, worked at 91, tall lanky dude that looked fairly projectable.  He didnt have much of a FB but threw strikes and used a slider as an out pitch.


I'm really curious to see how they use Jacob Kopra this year too.   Undrafted guy who was the NAIA West pitcher of the year last season.

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Thanks IP.  I really like what the halos have been doing with their drafting of pitching.  They seem to have been able to find some diamonds in the rough.  


They are definitely approaching things a little bit differently than in the past, although it could be said that it started with Richards.

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The organization in general is more confident in its ability to scout and effectively develop pitching more than hitting. The result is a huge amount of relatively unknown but good pitching depth and very little hitting at all.




You heard anythng about Kopra other than he's slated to be in Orem?   I wonder if the Angels view him as a RP or might yet let him start.

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Off topic but I didn't want to start a new thread...what the hell happened to Heaney last night? How does someone go from so dominant one game, to literally as hittable as a pitching machine the next?

Was the game at SLC?

Answer: at Fresno, and no HRs allowed but 6 hits and a BB allowed without making it out of the 1st.

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