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Some Early Season Predictions (and a dash of hope to get us going!)

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Its too soon to say just about anything, but from what we've seen I'll go on record with the following predictions:


- Howie Kendrick is going to have a career year, even better than 2011. I'm thinking he'll hit around .300/.350/.480 with 15-20 HR.


- Mike Trout won't hit .300. I hope he does but I see him hitting more in the .290s. Until he cuts down on those strikeouts - which I think he will - he'll have a hard time breaking .300. And yes, I do think he's going to regress significantly this year and then jump forward again next. I think something around a 290 BA, an OPS in the range of .850-.900 and about 25 HR and 40 SB. Still very, very good - 7 WAR, maybe.


- Albert Pujols is back. Maybe not 2010 back, but he'll have his best year since then. Look at the 9 walks - that's a great sign. How about .300/.370/.580 with 35 HR?


- Hank Conger will end up with more PA than Chris Iannetta. Call it a hunch due both to Iannetta' injury history and my feeling that Hank is going to hammer the ball and Iannetta will eventually get injured, or at least be moderated to prevent injury.


- Garret Richards is going to keep his rotation spot. OK, we haven't seen one start yet but I think he's going to surprise and win a starting job, even when Weaver gets back. Most likely rotation demotion would be Blanton. I'll even go so far as to say that Richards will be to 2013 what Lackey was to 2002: a young player that comes in and stabilizes the rotation. But unlike Lackey, I think Richards won't struggle for the next couple years but solidify his place as the Angels' #3 starter.


- Josh Hamilton is about to catch fire. There's been signs of it the last couple games, but he's going to start destroying the ball soon. Very soon.


- The Angels are about to catch fire. Well, not really but they're about to turn this ship around. I went on record predicting a 13-14 April and despite the fact that they'll need to go 11-7 the rest of the way and it seems like 11-16 or 10-17 is more likely, I'm sticking with it.


- The bullpen will wobble but gradually stabilize and even become very good.


- The Angels will win 93 games and earn a wildcard berth.


Come on folks, let's get excited here! Its April baseball!!!!!!!

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