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Angel games you kind of remember, wonder if anyone else does


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I think all these games are losses



- Kelvim Escobars lone return game from the DL (was it against Greinke & KC?)

- The game where GA almost made it a W, but got rung up by an unhittable curve thrown by Sean Green from the Mariners

- The 2011 game where Alexi Amarista and the other "smurfs" came out during a blowout and put up some runs late in the game..... Alexi had like a 14 pitch AB or something

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I'm terrible at this stuff, remembering one game in the thousands I've watched. Even notable games disappear from my mind after a couple years.

I guess I can remember opening day in, I wanna say 2006 or 2007 when Vladdy hit a homer on his first pitch of the season. And it was a typical way down and outside breaking ball that only Vlad could hit, let alone hit out of the park.

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the game last year when Bedrosian threw a strike



Anyone remember that game in Oakland just before the All Star break in 08 or 09 where Reggie Willits scored from second on a routine ground ball? It was a crucial run as well, it either put us ahead in the eighth or doubled our lead.

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The game when Frankie was pouting after what he thought was a bad call (I think) and he missed the throw back from the catcher, which allowed the winning run to score. I want to say it was against the Mets. Good times. 


That was in Oakland, August, 2005. Day game against the A's. Eric Chavez tied it in the 7th with a 3-run bomb against Donnelly, then Jason Kendall scored from third in the 9th when Frankie dropped the throw from Jose Molina.

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I remember a game where the guy sitting next to me took out a beer he had smuggled in, opened it up and poured it into a cup....And promptly got thrown out by security.

The trick is it smuggle in hard liquor, then purchase a soda to use as a mix-in


Game off the top of my head comes to mind was in 2012. Angels cameback to win after falling behind 5-0 with Trout getting all the RBIs (including two on a sac fly). Winning run was a Bourjos walk off wild pitch. In the post game speech Trout promised that the Angels would make the playoffs.

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