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The Most Frustrating Human On the Angels all-time


Most Frustrating Human on the Angels All-Time  

103 members have voted

  1. 1. Who has frustrated you the most on this team?

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Strangely enough most of these guys played to a complete lack of expectations except for possibly Wells. I had at least some hope he would have been a little above replacement level. Still, it didn't piss me off since it was a flawed trade that was not his fault for being involved.

Hamilton is exactly what I expected. A continuous run of excuses, self inflicted injuries, lack of performance and swinging at butterflies at the plate.

Finley was five years past his prime while Matthews played exactly like I remembered when he was with the Padres, a guy a couple years removed from roids.

Rodney was an asshole before an Angels, still is an asshole and will retire an asshole to start his regular asshole life and should share a townhouse with Vaughan so they can reminisce on how they held the Angels back from getting to the playoffs over some warm Arrogant Bastard beer.

No, the one guy that has frustrated me the most was Napoli. The idiot should have been good enough to take the job from his roommate Mathis but wouldn't put forth the effort. The fact he found success on the Rangers then Red Sox puts him top of my shit list.

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I actually liked Mathis. Solid with the pitchers and put in a lot of effort. He just sucked and his playing time was because of Scioscia, not him. At least he came up with that huge hit against the Yankees in the playoffs.

Ervin was frustrating as hell but his good seasons made up for his awful ones. Plus "**** it let's pitch" is an Angel highlight.

Hamilton, on the other hand, is an asshat who always has excuses and just doesn't seem to give a shit. I couldn't stand him on the Rangers and I can't stand him now. I am almost certain he was using steroids with the Rangers and there's nothing that I hate more than a guy who uses, gets paid and then stops.

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Went with CJ just because his issues seem to be purely mental. Good CJ just gets shit done, and bad CJ throws three straight breaking balls off the plate after getting ahead 0-2. So frustrating to watch when he's in one of those stretches.

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Gary Gaietti!

Hamilton reminds me of Gaetti. Both guys came here only for the money, and neither one wanted to live in So Cal. When Gaetti got back to the midwest, he became Gary Gaetti again. I think the same will happen when Hamilton eventually gets released.

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