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Comparing 2015 to previous years (using Sickels' grades)


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His list isn't out yet, but it will be in a day or two. What is out is his preliminary grade breakdown. I thought it would be interesting to compare this to previous years to see what sort of trajectory we can see in the Angels farm, at least according to Sickels.


2015: B+ (1), B (1), B- (5), C+ (10)


That's hardly awe-inspiring, but we all know the farm isn't shining right now (or yet). My guess is that the B+ is Heaney, the B is Newcomb, and the five B- taken from Baldoquin, Tropeano, Gatto, Ellis, Bedrosian, Green, Yarbrough, Featherson, and Kubitza. Hard to say who is B- and C+ out of that group. Dark horse candidates would be Delgado, Alcantara, and Way, but I think those guys are all C+ - we need to see more from Delgado at higher levels before getting too excited.  Anyhow, here are some prior years:


2015: B+ (1), B (1), B- (5), C+ (10)

2014: B (1), B- (1), C+ (11)

2013: B+ (1), B (1), B- (3), C+ (6)

2012: A (1), B (2), B- (6), C+ (8)

2011: A (1), B (5), B- (4), C+ (10)

2010: B+ (2), B (2), B- (7), C+ (10)


OK, now a ranking system. Consider that a "C prospect" is basically a run-of-the-mill prospect that are a dime a dozen, or at least rather plentiful - they are zero points. C+ are above average, and so forth. I'm going to posit this point system:


A 9 pts

A- 6 pts

B+ 4 pts

B 3 pts

B- 2 pts

C+ 1 pt


Of course this is completely arbitrary, but it should be strongly weighted towards higher and higher grades. In other words, a legit B+ prospect like Andrew Heaney is worth about four C+ prospects like Alcantara, maybe more.


Using that system, here's how the Angels' farm looks over the last several years, using Sickels' grades:


2015: 27

2014: 16

2013: 19

2012: 35

2011: 42

2010: 38


OK, as you can see the farm is going in the right direction. 2014 was a rock-bottom that the Angels have great improved from. That said, 2016 might look comparatively worse as many of those higher graded prospects are about to graduate - e.g. Heaney, Tropeano, Bedrosian, Kubitza, and Featherson. On the other hand, some of the other prospects could rise in value - such as Newcomb, Ellis, Gatto, and Delgado.


Anyhow, I'm glad to see that a pretty unbiased analyst like Sickels sees solid improvement.

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